7 types of marketing videos to include in your 2021 strategy



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5 reasons to include video in your marketing strategy

Taking control of your video creation without being a pro

7 easy-to-make marketing videos

Q&A session

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Antonin Bled

Antonin Bled

Video expert at Pitchy

Pitchy is a SaaS online video editing solution, that allows professionals to create their corporate videos in a completely autonomous and personalised way.


More than 500 clients, more than 500 000 projects, 0 production skills

"This tool was popular among the departments because it was easy to use, enabling everyone to produce professional quality videos independently without having prior video editing skills." Alexandre Guerfal, Deputy Head of department DECADE IGPDE
"We choose Pitchy because it meets the criteria of simplicity and accessibility. It's a very simple tool to use." Delphine Gloux, Project Manager & Designer / Innovation Lab at IT-CE
"What we really liked about Pitchy was the concept [...] that allows us to be free, autonomous, to be able to make the amount of videos we wanted, at a completely controlled cost." Emmanuelle Leduc, Head of Project Contributions and Deployment at BNP Paribas